Let us build a school together

  • modular wooden building: 4 classrooms, facilities, coatroom

  • area of new building 282 m2

  • Investment 6.300.000 CZK

You may send your donations to the account number:




Current status:

  • Teplárna Písek will be installing a new heat pipeline from Februray till March 
  • We expect to receive building permission in January
  • We signed a contract with Písek City Council to buy the land for construction. We paid the price of 497.854 from donations. We thank all donors.
  • Písek City Council approved a sale of land for our school on 3rd October
  • Teplárna Písek is preparing to lay a new heat pipeline near to the area where the new school will be
  • We are dealing with ČEVAK, a.s. regarding the relocation and water supply connection, which is the last step in the building permission


Status of the bank account:

     630.487 CZK

 We thank all donors.




autor: Miriam Sulková  2019-11-12