Our school


autor: Miriam Sulková  2019-12-12


Educated, young personalities with a healthy relationship to God, to themselves and to people.

autor: Luděk Kvíčala  2019-12-06


We provide pupils with high quality education and implement Christian and moral values.

autor: Miriam Sulková  2019-12-11

School characteristics

High quality education

  • Non-traditional and activating teaching methods

  • Education is closely linked to real life situations and activities

  • Ethics and ecology education

  • Foreign language teaching

  • PC and technology education

  • Sport activities

Family-like atmosphere – small classes

Focus on good relationships – mutual cooperation, respect, love and forgiveness as cherished values

Multi- aspect preparation for life – by providing knowledge, teaching skills, by setting an example for children, good manners and friendly behaviour

Spare time activities –hobbies, clubs

Individual approach to our pupils

Christian and moral values

Safe environment

For our students and their parents we provide:

  • Friendly approach

  • Help with selecting suitable secondary school for each child

  • Extra care for children with special needs (school psychologist, educational counseling, negative behaviour prevention specialist)

  • Pre-school preparation classes for kindergarten kids

  • School is open for parents participation in education and cooperating with the teacher

Parents attend regular events such as: breakfasts at school, flying kites, Christmas and Easter festive programmes, summer pre-holiday trip etc.

autor: Miriam Sulková  2019-12-11